College Student Program

We are a proud partner of the academic community. We are committed to assisting sports management/administration students and law students explore the sports agent business through our dedicated College Student Program. The College Student Program was developed specifically so that sports management/administration programs and law school sports/entertainment programs can include the sports agent business as part of their curriculum and open the door for students to enhance their knowledge and skill-set and be prepared to enter the sports agent arena.

  • Unlimited course access and superior student support for 1 year from date of registration—challenging course in a dynamic and recession-proof industry.
  • Affordable education plan tailored for students—school registration code and program code provided by professor or chairperson.
  • Live discussion and interactive one-on-one telephone sessions with industry experts—hybrid pedagogical approach to active learning.
  • Complete student assessment—challenging quizzes, assignments, publication opportunities, and certificate of completion.
Professors and Chairs
  • Offer a unique full-service sports agent course to your students—dedicated to your program and based on our platform.
  • Two-portal access with single sign-on: 1) Course access, the same way the students access the course, 2) “Group Leader” for tracking class and student activity.
  • Access class and student reports in real-time (confirmation of enrolled students, submitted assignments, quiz scores, time spent on lessons, statistics, student progress).
  • Complete assessment tools and tracking capabilities: assignments, research papers, quizzes—all completed work available in portal.
Robust Student Reporting Tools

Access student coursework in real time. Student quiz results, quiz scores, quiz question statistics, submitted assignments, essays, and certificates are available and trackable in the “Group Leader” portal for professors and chair. Monitor your students’ progress and see exactly what work has been completed and what stage of the course your students are in.

Dedicated Professor Dashboard

Professors and/or chairpeople will have access to both the course(s) and the classroom portal with a single sign-on access credential. Access the course and monitor your classroom and student activity without having to sign off and on with multiple access credentials. One sign-on does it all!

Custom-Tailored Workflow for Your Program

The Sports Agent Experience has 11 core sections. If your students are taking the The Sports Agent Experience course concurrently with a sports agent course of your program, then they can work on their own pace and time. Students can complete all course requirements before the end of the term or semester. On the other hand, if your students are taking The Sports Agent Experience as the sole course for your program, then there are two options: 1) we can set up the workflow so that each section is evenly spaced out according to your term or semester, or 2) we can set up the workflow so that students can work at an accelerated pace and complete all course requirements by the end of the term or semester.

Internships & Jobs

Students who are eager to learn the subject matter and put the time in should always be rewarded. During live interaction with the student throughout the term, an assessment will be made based on the student’s career goals and objectives in order to assist him or her in obtaining the internship(s) that best fits the student.

Affordable Education for Students

Every hard-working student deserves an opportunity to earn an affordable, high-quality education that offers a clear path to success. As such, our tailored program allows students the opportunity to take full advantage of the course(s) at a heavily reduced cost.

Enrollment Options & Requirements

Participating colleges and universities can offer our program and platform to their students through different channels:

1. Concurrent Course — If your program already offers a sports agent course, you can use our platform to supplement your current course. Each registered student in your class would register for our program for a nominal “textbook fee” with the entry of a valid registration code and program code. There are two options here: 1) we can assign one unique registration code and limit the use of the code to the number of students enrolled in your class; or 2) we can assign each one of your enrolled students their own unique registration code. In both cases, the registration code is use-limited and assures that only your enrolled students can use it. Once the registration code is entered, a valid program code must be entered. This unique program code is assigned to your respective program and will assure that students only pay the nominal “textbook fee.”

2. Substitute Course — Offer The Sports Agent Experience course to students at your college or university. In this scenario, you would offer The Sports Agent Experience course to your students through your school’s normal course registration process. Your students would then sign up for their course access credentials on a dedicated page assigned to you. Thereafter, we take over and make sure that your students are getting the proper attention they deserve. In this scenario, the student does not pay any additional fees. Furthermore, upon completion of the course, they will earn the proper credit(s) for your respective course.

3. Outside Elective Course — If your school or program is not ready to participate in our program at this time, but still want to offer students the opportunity to take advantage of The Sports Agent Experience at a heavily reduced cost, this option is an excellent solution. Here, current enrolled students in your college or university are qualified to register with our program with the entry of a valid registration code and program code.

Student and program fees are kept confidential and are available upon contact. If you are a professor and/or chairperson that would like to participate in the College Student Program and would like more information, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your goals and needs.