• To develop an understanding of the sports agent business, with particular emphasis on learning the ins and outs of the business.
  • To develop the skills of critical thinking and ethical/legal ramifications surrounding the sports agent space.
  • To cultivate and engage the creative imagination on how to market players or where to obtain marketing opportunities.
  • To provide an outlet for members to use in learning the sports agent business, with consistent guidance if needed.
  • To develop an understanding and appreciation of what it takes to succeed in the sports agent business.
  • To develop qualitative skills and an understanding of gaining clients within the sports agent business.
  • To provide the necessary skills to hone your “pitch” in attempting to sign professional athletes.
  • To provide the necessary regulations to be compliant when acting as or becoming a sports agent.
Teaching Method

Sports Agent University has a “hybrid” pedagogical approach to active learning. Throughout each respective course section, members will have the opportunity to test their skills through our online platform and make appointments for “live” discussion with some of the leading sports practitioners in the space today. Each course section will test each member’s skills and aim towards mastering the course of study for receiving a certificate at the end of completion.

Assignments & Interaction

Members are responsible for assignments that will better prepare themselves for the sports agent business. Assignments will be posted and members are expected to complete them and be ready for live interaction and discussion via telephone with a professional by securing an appointment through our online booking calendar. Here, members can take advantage of a live discussion and interaction session with a leading sports professional.

Course Sections

The course sections provide a foundation of what it takes to become a successful sports agent and to land your first client. Additionally, they will provide industry insight and facilitate a better understanding of the information needed to succeed in the sports agent business.

Each course section includes the following: reading material, document library files, audio/video files, assignments, quizzes, and a live one-on-one teleconference session. Live teleconference sessions may be necessary for certain sections as they require a “live discussion” with questions and answers. The course syllabus, which outlines assignments, actions, due dates, and links to documents and quizzes, is accessible upon registration.


Our assessment features provide administrators with a protocol for building online assessments using different question types. Scores are logged into our online platform. Our practitioners can use these assessment features to test a member’s knowledge, measure progress, and gather information to dissect a member’s strength(s) and weakness(es).

Certificate of Completion

After completing all core sections, members will be ready to take the final examination. The final examination is comprehensive and will test a member’s knowledge on all core sections. Upon completing the course, members will be awarded a certificate of completion acknowledging their mastery of the course material.